Everyone Can Have A Fanbase

In your journey to do just about anything important, people will ask you who you think you are to be able to do that thing. Early in life it can really set you back. Some people are supporting you, some criticizing you, and it’s hard to know what to believe. As I’ve gotten older, with a wide range of experiences under your belt, people will ask me the same type of questions.. even about writing this blog:

1 – What gives you the authority to write this content?
2 – Why not just leave this to the “true experts” of writing, teaching, and research?
3 – What makes your information desirable? credible?

In most cases, the people are thinking that taking on any major challenge is going to be too hard for them, for you, for everyone, so why do it… unless you have very special experience. Someone who studies to be a teacher should teach. But why should you, a non-studied teacher, be a teacher?

People gain teaching and writing experience in applications outside of the typical study programs. So can’t they be teachers and writers too?

In my opinion, the answer is yes. Many of our best teachers and writers did other things with their lives to gain experience and then wrote and taught about them. But more importantly, how valuable to others is this information and its presentation? Is there anyone that can benefit? You don’t hear people say “don’t talk to that guy, you’re not a professional talker.” People will help each other one at a time. Being a teacher and writer implies that you’re helping people on a more regular basis or in greater numbers, and if they’re benefiting from it, why do you have to be a studied expert?

There are millions of bloggers out there. Most of their readership is people searching for a specific topic and just passing through. And if the information is truly beneficial and unique, and organized well, the readership might bookmark the page, follow the writer, or just remember the URL. The point is, these bloggers can become successful if they are providing valuable, youceful information. And like anything, with time and growth, they may one day become the traditional definition of “true experts”, “professional writers”, and “professional teachers.”

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