Pursue All Passions

I believe wholeheartedly that we should pursue all passions, as hard as it might be to resist initial specialization, and in doing so fully explore our individuality, gaining strength and confidence through understanding, independence, and personal inspiration, and ultimately building a life and life’s work that is truly well-rounded, cultured, enlightened, and unique to us – redefining specialization to mean all of what makes us unique rather than our best or earliest discovered strength – so as to be most useful to everyone, including ourselves.

Values I Adore

  • Chasing love, truth, and freedom
  • Trusting my heart
  • Learning, experimenting, exploring, and traveling
  • Appreciating diversity, especially of art, culture and perspective
  • Thinking freely and challenging everything
  • Writing, teaching, and sharing
  • Being fair and open-hearted
  • Understanding and empathizing with others’ hardships
  • Giving second chances
  • Fighting injustice
  • Solving problems
  • Dreaming big while living with less
  • Appreciating and creating art

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I’m Positive.

I’ve been through some struggles at times, sure, but all things considered I feel very blessed and excited for the future.

I’m Entrepreneurial.

I went down several roads – different fields, organization sizes, and end goals, and even the family business. To this point I’ve felt best as an entrepreneur, crafting my own course, willing to work with others in just about any way as long as it aligns with my values, goals, and dreams.

I’m Active and Healthy.

There are so many fun and interesting activities and online tools to find them nowadays. I play basketball and tennis regularly, and other sports, and would love to get into more activities. Performing music, dancing, kayaking, community building, and polishing my 4 years of high-school Spanish are on the list. Given my love for good drinks, food, music and other nightlife activities, I’m open to drinking/partying occasionally, but generally I prefer to feel good and be healthy.

I Love Being Challenged.

Things change fast in my technology world but I love that it continually pushes me to learn, adapt, and improve. When I’m not working I’m usually up for a conversation, watching a documentary, reading, making music, or playing a game. When my mind goes more chill, I find the most comfort in film, especially political/legal/crime dramas, political talk shows, and comedies. The Wire is my all time favorite – still waiting on David Simon’s “The Duece” to end season one so I can binge. On the documentary side, OJ:Made in America and Making a Murderer were totally fascinating.

I’m Adventurous.

I’ll travel pretty much anywhere as long as the chance of danger is low (i.e. stable countries). I just learned to scuba dive, and I highly highly recommend it! I enjoy hiking and camping for while, or until we spot a bear or wild hogs – then I’m out lol. I haven’t tried it, but I could probably live off the grid or way out in the country for a while if I were sharing it with someone. One of my dreams is to travel with my girlfriend or wife all over the world for an extended period of time while we both work remotely.

Even as a digital nomad that’s now actively traveling, I loved my most recent 9 years living in Atlanta.

There are so many amazing places in the world, but there was something special about that place. Perhaps it’s because I believe so much in sustainability, and it was the city that allowed me culturally and economically to get my entrepreneurial start. And I know it can help others in the same way. It also has friendlier people than most cities I’ve been in the United States, and the cultural diversity and mixing seemed to be getting better and better. The four seasons are nice in that part of the country. And there was always something cool going on- art shows, festivals, classes and meet-ups of every type, and even maker and green movement events.

Dating Has Changed for Our Generation

We are now in a time of accessibility of dating choice, locally and throughout the world and all cultures, and all types of people.   This change is stifling, and puts pressure on the traditional approach, yet many still hang onto that.  For me, dating is about looking for substance, deeper friendship connections, and with some luck, there’s the possibility of more, with no pressure or expectations.

I’m Light-Hearted.

From all of what I’ve written above I may seem intense. But truthfully I just love to learn and grow, and avoid nonsense and superficiality. I also love to play and joke around. I’m incredibly sarcastic and silly as long as I feel it is well-received, and makes people laugh and smile.

My thinking, learning, work and lifestyle are outside the box. I look for adventures that broaden my scope and fulfill a sense of balance. I embrace life’s mysteries, and appreciate how little I know.


I’m not one for the corporate grind and strict oversight, and instead prefer forming equitable partnerships, and charting out a path that’s specific to my ever-changing interests and sensibilities. At first this approach was overwhelming, but I’ve now come to find a stronger, more personal sense of responsibility.


A few partners and I started a web/media company Novachrom Web in 2008. We work mainly with organizations in health care, education, and sustainability.


My interests are all-encompassing and diverse – science, technology, the web, film, music, storytelling, journalism, human issues, health, education, food, sustainability, culture, and travel.


A lot more about me:


I just got to Thailand, looking forward to meeting people!

A few things about me…









Some values I adore:

Chasing love, truth, and freedom. Trusting my heart. Learning, experimenting, exploring, and traveling. Appreciating diversity, especially of art, culture and perspective. Thinking freely and challenging everything. Writing, teaching, and sharing. Being fair and open-hearted. Understanding and empathizing with others’ hardships. Giving second chances. Fighting injustice. Solving problems. Creating and curating art. Dreaming big while living with less.

Tech/Social Entrepreneur, Designer/Engineer, Musician/Producer


organizing complexity, puzzles, seeing alternative options

Film – HOME the documentarySamsaraThe Night OfOJ:Made in AmericaSicarioTrue Detective S1, Last Week TonightMaking a MurdererZero Dark ThirtyThe WireTEDVICE

Books – Abundance, The Razor’s Edge, Lexus and the Olive Tree, End of Poverty

Music —

A Few Favorites –
Unforscene – Do You Love Me
Armand Amar – Home the Documentary: O
The Flashbulb – Seven Eyes
Josh Garrels – Jacaranda Tree
Joris Voorn – Ringo
Cinematic Orchestra – To Build a Home

Food – mostly healthy and diverse
Persian stews, Chinese/Thai sauces, Latin and Mediterranean spices, Indian complexity and Vietnamese simplicity

Sports/Outdoors – basketball mainly, tennis, golf, volleyball, ping pong, kayaking/rafting, snorkeling, camping, any sport or outdoor activity really

Contributing to sustainability, the human cause.

Adventure and exploration throughout the world.

Those few people who you keep up with no matter what changes.

Music, especially listening, playing the piano & dancing.

Silliness, sarcasm, self-deprecation, light-heartedness. I like to play.

Basketball. There are few things that give me more consistent enjoyment.

the six things i can’t do without

enjoying the six things I can’t do without

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Ideally you should if….

you can be both playful and serious at the same time

you like understanding all of life, and being challenged by new adventures and perspectives

you have hope for humankind

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