Feelers will tell thinkers to stop thinking and just be, just live, just do.  Thinkers will wonder why the feelers are lacking reason in what they do.  But let’s stop this labeling and criticism for a second.  We all have more reactive activivies – social encounters, sports, improv, pop-quizes, performing,  in which we are a bit nervous but still go for it – and more preactive activities – writing, brainstorming, analyzing, where we have lots of time to dive deep into life’s limitless understanding.   The Myers Brigg feel vs. think.. strengths and weaknesses – they can be a good status check… but throw them away for now.  Just BE more THOUGHTFUL about feeling AND thinking.  To improve the status, feelers can think more to bring meaning and understanding, and thinkers can do more to feel and experience reality more directly.  Both are extremely important to explore.   “Get the ship on the ocean and steer it from there” and “Those who don’t plan, plan to fail” are not meant to force you to choose sides, but rather to embrace both forces....

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