A Music Passion in the Making

Piano & Thematic Music Producer

My specialty is capturing improvised piano melodies with complex chord progressions and turning them into vibrant digital productions, some simply enhancing the original acoustics, and some expanding in every direction and genre of electronic sound.   I produce mainly with Apple Logic, my friend’s (Easy Listening Section on SC) Maschine drum machine, & a kick-ass 88-key Yamaha CP40 electronic piano with amazing weighted keys.  I have experience with many other software and hardware setups.

My current favorite artist is The Flashbulb (Accoustic / Electronica), Dee-Jay is Matt Darey (Progressive Trance), but I love almost every genre.

Music CV / Background

I have a diverse background in music, growing up playing a Yamaha Grand piano & acoustic guitar, freestyle rapping with my boys for decades, singing in ensemble groups throughout my school years, dee-jaying via Technique 1200s at house parties and a few clubs.

  • Piano – 7 years of lessons growing up, 2000 hours
    8 years of improv, 10000+ hours
  • Guitar – 1 year of lessons
  • Singing – 8 years in chorus, 4 years in Acafellas 8-person all male ensemble of barber shop numbers, 4 years in Chamber Choir of classical numbers
  • Freestyle Rapping – 1000+ hour-long (or more) sessions with dozens of friends and random people
  • Dee-Jaying – Dozens of house parties and a few clubs playing mostly 90s and early 00s Hip Hop, some Jungle, Break-Beat, and Trance
  • Listening – A billion hours 🙂 with dozens of curated lists on Spotify, feel free to friend me and follow any!

SoundCloud Piano Recordings

I have recorded 400+ recordings using Iphone 4, 5, an 6+ over about a 6 year period. In my opinion about 100 of them are good (something really cool but not polished enough), 40 are great (love em so much but just not polished enough), and roughly 20 are good enough to turn into real songs if mastered correctly. So if you are a professional piano recording sound “masterer” (if there is a word), please reach out to me!!

I only posted one so far becuase I’m still figuring out legal stuff. Please enjoy!

Spotify Curated Playlists

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