TabernacleDrinking & Socializing Ladybird (Inman Park) The Argossy (East Atlanta) St. Louisa's Church & Ping Pong Emporium (Edgewood) Amer (Inman Park) Brickstore (Decatur) Little Trouble (West Midtown) Den at AlleyCat (Inman Park) Midway Pub (East Atlanta) Cypress (Midtown) Victory Bar (Decatur & Inman Park) The Porter (Little Five Points) Barcelona (Inman Park & West Midtown) Mercury @ Ponce City Market (Old 4th Ward) Ticonderoga Club @ Krog Street Market (Inman Park) BarTaco (Inman Park) Apres Diem (Midtown) Bantam Pub (Old Fourth Ward) Midway Pub (East Atlanta) The Luminary (Inman Park) Mother / Mom (Edgewood) Nonis (Edgewood) Kimball House (Decatur) Estoria (Cabbagetown) Bookhouse (Old 4th Ward / Highlands) The Albert (Inman Park) Milltown Tavern (Cabbagetown) The Imperial (Decatur) Venkmanns (Old 4th Ward) Hampton and Hudson's (Inman Park) Dance / Groove Sound Table (Edgewood) Space2 (Edgewood) Music Room (Edgewood) Den at BeetleCat (Inman Park) Loca Luna (Midtown) Eclipse De Luna (Buckhead) Mother / Mom (Edgewood) Graveyard (East Atlanta) MJQ (Old Fourth Ward / Highlands) Fernbank Dance Nights (Druid Hills) Union (East Atlanta) 421 Hookah Club Rooftop (Edgewood) Alley Cat (Downtown) Graveyard (East Atlanta) Basement (East Atlanta) Havana Club (Buckhead) Red Martini (Buckhead) Tonge & Groove (Buckhead) Apres Diem (Midtown) El Bar (Poncey-Highlands) Claremont Lounge (Poncey-Highlands) Music Venues & Bars with Live Music The Earl (East Atlanta) Terminal West (Westside) Tabernacle (Downtown) Churchhill Downs (Midtown) Eddie's Attic (Decatur) Star Bar (Little Five Points) Venkmanns (Old 4th Ward) Loca Luna (Midtown) Eclipse De Luna (Buckhead) Tapa Tapa (Midtown) Den at BeetleCat (Inman Park) Masquerade (Old Fourth Ward) Variety Playhouse (Little Five Points) Apache Cafe (Midtown) Westside Tavern (West Midtown) Games Ormsbys (Westside) Painted Pin (Buckhead) Skyline Park @ (Old 4th Ward) Argosy Back Room (East Atlanta) Twains (Decatur) Ladybird (Inman Park) The Independent (Midtown) Victory Bar (Decatur & Inman Park) St. Louisa's Church & Ping Pong Emporium (Edgewood) Graveyard (East Atlanta) Late Night Bars/Clubs/Food Octopus Bar (East Atlanta) Trackside Tavern (Decatur) Alley Cat (Downtown) 421 Hookah Club Rooftop (Edgewood) Union (East Atlanta) ...

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