Understanding the Big Picture Can Unlock Your Potential

When I first wrote this post I was so focused on the big picture problems of the world, and how people tend to take them for granted, push them aside, and then go back to their busy lives. And, in many cases these wonderful people are doing amazing work right around them, which is totally fine and wonderful. But I was concerned that if they simply focus on what’s right around them, and don’t look further, they aren’t limiting they’re potential to help on an even bigger level, and potentially grow tremendously as well.

But now I think what the post is really about is self limitation in general.

I remember that focusing on the big picture – how the world works, good and bad – was a huge door and mind opener for me, and inspired me like never before to break out of all chains and fight for my freedom. And from this, I’ve grown into a person who is aiming at helping in the best way I can, finding the place where my talents and interests match up best with where help is needed. I don’t think I would be able to say this if I hadn’t first started thinking about the big picture.

Of course I understand that most problems on that scale are unsolvable. But everything big starts with something small. The idea of freedom, and not limiting yourself, can take you to something big that is virtually impossible to predict, but it’s a snowball building every day, every step and move.

So, back to the big picture, if you could get on a path towards giving a little to issues that affect us all, would you want to? – and would you be willing to give up a piece of your current localized efforts and lifestyle? I know this much for sure – mindfulness and humanity are worth the effort.

While the beauty of other people and cultures draws us in, we also learn about the tragedies that happen far far away, and the talk of larger world tragedies to come, like resource shortages, global corporate dominance, and financial collapses. That’s pretty scary, but motivating.. so many problems that need attention.

But perhaps more importantly is the idea of the big picture, and how it can compel us to learn a lot about everything. And eventually, this becomes a practice, and a love. And then, something magical just might be possible.

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