What I Do

Digital (Nomad) Designer, Developer, & Consultant

In 2008 my partners and I created Novachrom Web, a web design and consulting business – a way to attract new client relationships for anything we wanted to explore and provide on the web.  Now, after 10 years, Novachrom provides a wide range of web capabilities, including web consulting, design, technology development & integrations, content production & education, art, science research, marketing & web presence, tracking & optimization, and support & maintenance.

All of these skills and capabilities are interesting on their own, but when mixed together to create something bigger, the sky’s the limit.


What I’m Becoming

Social & Sustainability Entrepreneur

I’ve always wanted to aim for projects that can make a difference, but that is not so easy to find – it takes a lot of learning and experimentation. With Novachrom we started by taking on projects from all industries, but soon realized that what we really wanted was to find quality people with quality projects in quality industries. What defines quality? I’ve written more about this throughout the blog.  In short it comes down to working with people that have complimentary philosophies of life, equitable partnerships, and work that matters to everyone.

To find this quality Novachrom naturally headed towards healthcare – a place where we found a lot of quality – in people, compensation, and a focus on providing good services (health) to the public.

But even with that, healthcare doesn’t define us. We continue to look for new projects that aim at improving international understanding, sustainability, and health through internet-based education, curation, and collaboration.

If you have a project or want to start one in this area, please contact us!

Creative Side Hustle

Piano & Thematic Music Producer

I have a diverse background in music, playing the piano & guitar, rapping & singing, dee-jaying via technique 1200s, and producing via Logic, Maschine drum machine, & a 88-key Yamaha CP40. My specialty is capturing improvised piano melodies with complex chord progressions and turning them into vibrant digital productions, some simply enhancing the orginal acoustics, and some expanding in every direction and genre of electronic sound. My current favorite artist is The Flashbulb.

My Work Story

From a very early age I had a love for solving puzzles and befriending people from all around the world. In my teens I became captivated by computers (pre-internet), as they came naturally to me, and then went on to study computer science at NC State University. It was here that I rediscovered my love for puzzle solving, this time using logic through code. The internet had begun to take off, but my curriculum was barely touching it. Then after working as an analyst / programmer for Northrop Grumman for a few years in a corporate setting, and then working with my father’s roofing company for 5 years in a family business setting, I started to see that neither of these defined me, and neither did programming. I was looking to be free to learn about and work on anything that brought about curiosity. I started putting all my time into this, and discovered the power of documentaries and films, books, and the internet. And, it was time to start my own business.

Have An Amazing Project?
Let's Try to Collaborate!

I love hearing about cool projects that can make a difference.  Feel free to reach out and maybe I can bring some value to the table.